Gummie Strands Teething Jewelry 

What are they? Gummie Strands are the perfect solution for a fashionable Mommy and a teething baby! We all know that our little loves want to chew on everything we wear, so why not make it safe for them to get some relief for their little teeth! Gummie Strands Necklaces are also a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing. 

Are they safe? These food grade silicone teething necklaces are for mommy to wear and baby to enjoy. Gummie Strands are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that they meet and exceed all applicable US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Please keep in mind that Gummie Strands are meant to be worn by adults only. Babies and children should never be left alone with any of our jewelry products. 

-100% silicone beads (similar to pacifiers and nipples). 

-Soft on babies gums and emerging teeth. 

-BPA, PVC, lead, cadmium and phthalate free. 

-Odorless, tasteless and colors will not cause staining. 

-Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe (top shelf only). 

-Necklaces have a breakaway clasp and each bead is individually knotted for added safety. 

Why Silicone? Silicone is the same material used for most pacifiers and bottle nipples. It is BPA, PVC, lead, cadmium and phthalate free. These qualities make it the perfect material for teething products. It is odorless, tasteless and colors will not cause staining. The most important characteristic of silicone is that it does not support the growth of mold or bacteria. To see our entire collection, please visit .